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Okan Okumus was born in 1971, in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an electrical engineer and he doesn't have any cinema education. Cinema is his primary hobby as you could imagine. Reading, playing guitar, listening blues, rock and jazz-folk music are some of his other hobbies. He likes to go concerts, basketball matches and movies, for sure! He is interested in foreign cultures, that's why he likes travelling abroad. He has been to New York, Prague, Barcelona,Egypt and Bangkok so far. He has no financial expectations from this website. So, why did he do it? Generally, people watch movies for actors or themes. However, many masterpieces are created by directors, therefore some people go for just the director. He is one of them.

His favorite directors; Altman,Greenaway, Kubrick, Lynch, Jeunet & Caro, Haneke, Coen Brothers,Cronenberg,Jarmusch,Wim Wenders,Lars von Trier,P.P.Pasolini

His favorite musicians, bands ; The Doors ,Led Zeppelin,Janis Joplin,Jethro Tull, Supertramp, Burhan Ocal, Senem Diyici



Special thanks for help to prepare this site; Ulku Okyay,Elif Okumus

His favorite players; John Turturro, Emily Watson, Edward Norton , Robert de Niro,Jack Nicholson, Julianne Moore , Philip S.Hoffman, Tim Roth


His favorite films; Delicatessen ,The City of Lost Children (Jeunet&Caro), Funny Games(Haneke), Drowning by Numbers(Greenaway), Down By Law(Jim Jarmusch),Clockwork Orange(Kubrick),Lost Highway(D.Lynch)